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R-E-S-P-E-C-T does it mean something to anyone but me?!

Is respect a lost art form? When I was growing up, and even now, we respected ourselves and the people around us. So I ask you all – what happened?! 311 more words

Day 2: Marriage by design

Today’s devotional focuses on God’s design in that men often long for respect most of all, even over love and affection. It comes from the (in)famous passage in Ephesians where wives are told to “submit” and men are told to “love.” You may have heard it a few hundred times. 573 more words



    So maybe I’m procrastinating a little, tiny bit, but I want to get this out there before it leaves my head. First, I’ll start with a  bit of introduction; Millennials, Generation Y, the Me/We Generation, the Net Generation, along with so many other names is the name for the group of people born between 1980 and the early 2000’s. 907 more words


Miss Garcia

7:30 AM: A pancake breakfast for students, parents, faculty, and staff opens the new school year. Returning students re-familiarize themselves with old hallways and favorite teachers. 548 more words

the one about that thing that happened.

So, we’ve all heard about that thing that happened. With the celebrities. And the nakedness.

I have some thoughts about it all.

Basically, my thoughts are this. 202 more words


Respect For the Will of the People

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

You each have the ability to interpret the energies and impressions of the higher realms, and in time, more souls will rediscover and tap into this ability. 2,249 more words

Oversoul Teachings