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Westie Training - Are You Mad About Westies

Mad About Westies – Discover secrets of HOW to have the happiest, healthiest and most well behaved west highland terrier you’ve always dreamed of!

Gay Shouldn't be A Label

Ashley-Pierce’s Coming Out video

Is all over the web. Some people are shocked at how his parent reacted to his ‘Coming out news’ . Other like me (Who grew up in a religious judgmental home) feel he was one Brave S.O.A.B. 686 more words

Crazy Stuff

Josh Shaw: Good Football Player, Bad Liar

You’re a star running back and you’ve just sprained your ankles jumping out of a second story window to escape the wrath of your recent conquests boyfriend (R Kelly would be proud). 558 more words


Baywatch Gaza edition with Mohamad Bar, Gaza's most dedicated lifeguard

Baywatch Gaza edition. There’s an interesting article in BusinessInsider about lifeguard Mohamed Bar and keeping Gaza’s beaches safe for Gazans even during the recent war. 581 more words


Sebastian and Sabrina - Behind the Scenes 2

Sebastian was at it again :) After shaking off some water, he came over to me to dry off any excess. He had me laughing almost the entire time with his antics! 6 more words


Meet Buddy.
He is a happy kitten these days.
He is one of the blessed ones:  He was found, shortly after being dumped at a State park. 137 more words

Kindness of Strangers

Very quick note to say thanks to James.

On Tuesday, when everything went horribly and comically wrong for me, I ended the day by running out of fuel just outside Aldridge. 98 more words

Andrew Clayton