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Finding AC Repair in Ramsey, MN is Easy Anytime, any Day of the Week

Lighten the load

You can help your unit do its job more efficiently just by turning off other appliances and lights in the room. As simple as it sounds, it does the job because the other pieces of equipment generate unnecessary heat which can impede the air conditioner’s performance. 87 more words


A (not-so) Small Emissions Problem

We love our customers – especially when they make us laugh!

This week, a customer brought us his diesel Volkswagen suggesting it had a slight emissions problem – “Slight” turned out to be an understatement as our shop quickly filled with smoke! 15 more words

General Interest

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone Repair Shop

Smartphones are great devices to own, but no matter the manufacturer or model, all smartphones are prone to becoming damaged or broken at any time. This is when a professional smartphone repair shop is very beneficial to smartphone users. 134 more words

Leaky AC First Aid before Calling for AC Repair in Bossier City, LA

Companies like Accutemp Cooling and Heating that offer reliable AC repair in Bossier City, LA regularly deal with leaking air conditioners—and they’re not alone, as leaky ACs are pretty much common issues that virtually every company in the industry deals with. 91 more words

Team fix the car fixes the car!

Last weekend, my 2002 Toyota Highlander developed a very interesting engine shudder while driving home from the grocery store. A little Googling and a couple phone calls to both brothers indicated that the problem was possibly a cylinder misfiring.  308 more words

2002 Toyota Highlander

Footloose Sports | Mountain Bike Repair Review | 760-934-2400

Footloose Sports | Mountain Bike Repair Review | 760-934-2400 At Footloose Sports we take Reviews as serious business. We want you to have the best experience possible. 34 more words

Roccoco mirror rebuild: part 3

After the physical reconstruction was done, it was prepared for the gilding. It had been gilded, when first made, but had been hit with some gold paint, at least once, so there wasn’t enough left to salvage. 182 more words