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#BlogElul: Day 7 - Be

My second day of #BlogElul, and the word is “Be”.

I decided nearly a year ago that I want to be a rabbi, and this decision still holds firm, but in thinking of how I want the path to that to look is a bit confusing. 303 more words


Reflecting on the Church's Heterocissexist Issue

In the opening chapter of Gifted By Otherness (buy it here on Amazon), M.R. Ritley reminds us that the “problem” of LGBT+ people in Christianity is in reality a problem of unchecked heterocissexism in the church: 531 more words

Faith Gender & Justice

Mythosophia - August - Sci-Fi and Super Heroes: Pulps, Comics, and the Paranormal, with Jeffrey Kripal


Jeffrey J. Kripal is the J Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought and former Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University. 205 more words


Directions in the Study of Religion: Kathryn Lofton

Here is my first interview for Marginalia Review of Books. I talked to one of my favorite people, Katie Lofton, about religion in popular culture, the culture concept of the Goldman Sachs Group, and the office cubicle as a religious artifact. 6 more words


Progress as a Secularized Eschatology

Nineteenth-century Victorian scientific naturalists had a particular conception of scientific and social progress. In his “The Progress of Science 1837-1887″ (1887), Thomas Henry Huxley argued that a “revolution” had taken place, both politically and socially, in the modern world. 1,382 more words


An unsolicited response

In response to my essay titled “My Inherited Elephant” (various versions of which can be found here, Practicum, and the Bulletin), Professor… 1,043 more words