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Depression. Sensation. Relaxation. System.

Spreadin’ good vibration all over this town.~

People of today are down. Some are upside down. Some holla are tired of giving candy to brats. People need unwinding, y’know? 217 more words

Airport luxury!

This luxurious campaign for Rizon Jet, advertising their award winning airport facilities, features a selection of models from all divisions of the Sandra Reynolds Agency. 66 more words

How I've been relaxing - ASMR.

I haven’t blogged in a while because as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, life has been a little crazy for me lately. One thing that I have been making time for is relaxation in just about any form. 339 more words

Relax to Write

Have you ever tried to write when stressed? If your answer is yes, you’ll know why it’s vital to be not only in a relaxed state of mind, but also physically relaxed, in order for your creative juices to flow freely. 626 more words

Writing Tips & Tools

Travelling True To Your Style - Part II

Hi there my lovelies. Something that is new and exciting for me is blogging about travelling. I am not actually becoming a travel-blogger, but I decided before I went on my holiday that I wanted to experience a number of things differently this time around. 1,389 more words


Creating Sacred Space By Tara

Having a highly tuned nervous system means that I am often overwhelmed and I crave extra, quiet, peaceful space and time to return myself to neutral. 1,068 more words