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The Platform Lovers - Soldier, Spy?

I knew immediately that catching his eye was a mistake.

Not that I meant to, I’d been looking at my phone and became aware of the presence directly standing in front of me and too close for comfort. 1,155 more words


Love and Marriage

I was the little girl who grew up wanting to get married.  From the moment I laid eyes on Cinderella i wanted to be her.  I wanted to be this special secret that no one really new about.  1,334 more words


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Today I want to share with you a blog that I love so much. I love the topics they write about it and how it is so applicable every time I read posts. But I also love the writers dearly. A Girl Like Me was started by two incredible women who are married to two of the guys in the band Tenth Avenue North, a moderately popular Christian rock band as they like to say. They have become great friends, and I want to share one of their posts with you on marriage! Check out the rest of the blog too. It encourages me so much!

Of the Mating Hedgehog

The other day my sister caught a hedgehog in our compound. It was an old male thing that was full of dirt and fury to match. 524 more words


An Invitation to a Dialogue on Loving REALationships

This is an invitation for you to make time for yourself this Sunday and to join us as we explore the logic and meaning of love, co-creating an experience of loving. 221 more words


To Fcuk Or Not To Fcuk, That Is The Question...

“For some people, deep love is an absolute prerequisite for sex. For some people, good sex is an absolute prerequisite for love. For some people, sex is sex, love is love, and never the two shall meet. 511 more words


Light My Way

People have used many words to describe me. Naïve, weird, introverted, shy… Hopefully they also think of me as nice, a lot of fun and intelligent. 1,274 more words