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Means to Draw Near

Israel continues to celebrate the Passover with the same elements and practices of the first Passover.  The food is the same, the gathering together of family units is the same, the worship – all serve to reconnect to God and the experience of the exodus from bondage. 262 more words

A beach called Nha Trang, and a wedding to remember

The sun shines it’s brightest as if it knows today is a special day. The sea keeps it’s silence as always but you can still see it’s wavy smile if you look closer. 149 more words


Leadership Of, Not Power Over

**As I progress through my doctoral program I will be placing some of my work on here. Please feel free to engage with me in the learning process to seek greater depth in understanding of leadership, scripture, and life. 250 more words


LADIES! 6 Reasons you should Date a Guy who doesnt give a Sh*t about Social Media

Guys engaging with social media is a comical concept. Dudes are either smart about it or completely oblivious. Like with everything else, when it comes to social media, guys think with their d*cks. 829 more words


Wedding Planning Update

When I went back home last month, I was more than successful for wedding planning.  With the exception of save the dates, I’m on a roll.  430 more words


Bored with What?

It seems my late post The Waning of Desire: Thoughts on Modesty and Its Opposite  is in danger of being summed up by a familiar phrase:  “Modest is Hottest.”  My fault, I did put “modest” in the title.  1,138 more words


Changing Others

We are constantly attracting people into our lives.  Not all people are meant to stay, especially if you are experiencing change in your life.  Those people may no longer be at the same place as where you are.  46 more words