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A Baptismal Epiphany (or, Why Pedo-baptism is Really the Purest Form of Credo-baptism)

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, you know I’ve struggled long and hard with the meaning of baptism.  I grew up in a staunchly  975 more words


The Second Coming Of Christ by Louis Berkhof

I am posting The Second Coming Of Christ by Louis Berkhof which is taken from his Systematic Theology.  Berkhof was a reformed theologian, pastor, and author and is considered to be one of the top theologians of his era.  83 more words

The Bible

Keeping One's Focus on God

Reformed Christians are well known for their concern for theological precision and their careful, logical exposition of the Word of God, and these are tremendous gifts to Christ’s church.  89 more words

Reformed Theology

Flotsam and jetsam

Who can name earth shattering changes in the way people looked at the world when what was thought to be true was shown to be mistaken? 1,406 more words


Reading the Bible again (for the first time)

Reading the Bible is not like reading another modern book; it is, rather, like reading a symphonic score written by a brilliant composer. The first chapter of Genesis begins the composition and lays the foundation for subsequent pieces wherein are layers upon layers of the same notes played again and again; and wherein sometimes the pieces are octaves higher or lower; or are developments or deconstructions of the initial, seminal piece. 1,374 more words


The Holy Spirit in Our Church, Part 2

What I will do in this post is present the main categories of beliefs regarding miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Much of my information is adapted from… 903 more words

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