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Dreading My Return To Purgatory

In dreading my return to purgatory.
The waiting violence is almost degratory.
My silence is not acceptance of fate.
Neither us it in reference of the late.


How to Improve Your Voice

This “How to” post is a continuation of my post on Friday about the use of voice for an author. That post explains why it’s so important and how to tell if you need to work on your voice, so if you missed it, feel free to go back and read it first! 1,229 more words

Morgan Sorrell

My Childhood Bucket List

A few days ago, my mom called me to tell me that while going through boxes of old stuff I had written, she found a list I had written when I was eight years old: “100 Things to Do Before I Die.” I was thrilled she found this list for several reasons: I had not known I was interested in or even knew about bucket lists that long ago, I have now accomplished several items on that list (for example, go to France and go bungee jumping), and some of the items are hilarious. 218 more words

Bucket List

Researching Opportunities in Entrepreneurship & Economic Development: Spring 2014



University of North Carolina Greensboro


Spring 2014


Students will learn how to conduct the research necessary to make the best-informed decisions for an entrepreneurial venture and to measure and assess economic development opportunities. 101 more words

University Of North Carolina Greensboro

Information Sources and Services: Spring 2012


Renate Chancellor


The Catholic University of America


Spring 2012


Introduction to the terminology, concepts, and practices for the provision of information services to meet user needs effectively in a variety of settings. 95 more words