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1) The Almanac. Click on the month you want in the side-bar, then the specific date. The blog will tell you what happened in hymn history on that day. 673 more words

James Montgomery

Lush Caca Rouge

Een hele tijd terug was ik in de Lush in Antwerpen. Ik raakte er aan de praat met een medewerkster en uiteindelijk kwamen we op het onderwerp van haarkleuring en henna. 563 more words


Stop the Peeling!

To be a redhead is to be sunburnt. If you’re not sunburnt, you either stayed inside, or applied sunscreen religiously. Good for you. Either way, after being out in the sun, skin needs hydration. 237 more words


Aloe Vera- The Real MVP

In my humble opinion, aloe vera is nature’s true MVP, a way to make amends with redheads for all the sunburns they have. This is a super plant that can probably help you more than you thought. 270 more words