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On Ferguson and Taking the Red Pill

I was out of town for the weekend when Michael Brown was shot and protests started up in Ferguson, very close to where I attended graduate school to study counseling. 1,487 more words


Calling Out a Flake

When a girl flakes (last minute cancellations, delayed text replies, and the pathetic no-show behaviours), it stirs the mind. How do you restart the convo? Do you even bother? 335 more words

DCLLive Book Review: Red Pill Orgasm by Halfbreed

“Making your woman cum regularly will lead to twin relationship benefits, bonding and harmony. Pride also motivates men to perform.” – Halfbreed

From the Basics of a Woman’s Body to Foreplay and Basic Sex Positions to Rough Sex, “

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Sweet Revenge Upon my Cheating Ex

This past weekend was much more successful in terms of meeting new people and socialising. The city I live in does not offer the greatest night life and when the college/university students disappear for the summer, the dating market becomes quite bare. 532 more words

Vox Day: Reporting a rape you were too incapacitated to fully remember is like calling the cops when you can't remember where you parked your car [UPDATED: Vox attacks anti-racists as child abuse enablers]

In the world of fantasy writer and all-around hateful shithead Vox Day, women who are raped when they’re too drunk to consent should just suck it up, because reporting their rapes would be akin to someone calling police when they can’t remember where they’ve parked their car. 573 more words


Ugly Heroes EP

Apollo Brown, Red Pill and Verbal Kent are back at it on this follow up to their 2013 self titled début for Mello Music Group. If you caught Brown’s recent… 126 more words

Worldwide Hip Hop

The Male Hamster In Action- Exhibit # 1273

Men have a Rationalization Hamster, just like women. It is a more reclusive beast than the female variant, true, but it exists all the same. Most of the time it keeps its head low and maintains a low profile, such that we don’t notice when it is at work at its wheel. 103 more words

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