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“It Doesn’t Matter... It’s Just A Dead Bird.”

If you programmed a low-capacity computer to write and direct a Shyamalan-esque supernatural thriller, it would probably spit out something like Red Lights (2012), in which the characters speak and behave like faulty replicants, the dramatic moments are funnier than the lighter ones, and a potentially interesting idea is pissed away in a last-minute twist ending that inspires eye-rolls rather than gasps. 579 more words

Crime Time!

Call it Magic

I think — and this goes for both films — that the resolution to the conflict within the characters
downplayed the intense build-up of the story. 21 more words


Red lights too many

When do cages shut,
Ideas self-censor, minds close,
Who says stop?

Three For A Fine (2014)

1.  Running red lights.
2. No car insurance.
3. Unneeded call for help.
Too many non emergency-
Calls to see.


Three About Red Lights (2014)

1. They can malfunction.
2. They are there for a reason.
3. You have to stop.
Yes, the get in the way-
On any given day.