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H2O - The Debate

The symbol of Libra is the scales which lucky for me is my astrological sign.  Some of the more well-known qualities are balance and harmony which at times is a blessing and a curse.  817 more words

Saving vs. Hoarding: When is enough, enough?

Becoming more aware of one’s garbage makes throwing anything away almost painful. But one either must save everything or limit their rate of consumption to avoid the dangers of hoarding. 331 more words


the throw-it-all-in (easy) Bread

I am a sourdough bread baker through and through, a virulent wild-fermentator, and an occupational cook—as inspired from the tenets of occupational therapy, what would be referred elsewhere as a slow-food enthusiast but could sometimes be called, in my case, a long-winded cook : extensive recipe research, multiple tasks, exponential picking/preparing/rolling/marinating time, repetitive gestures. 360 more words


Waste Control Services Supports PNE Zero Waste Day

On August 27th, the Pacific National Exhibition and Vancity hosted a successful zero waste event at the Fair. WCS partnered with the PNE to surpass its 90% diversion goal for this event. 314 more words


Upcycled Bedside Drawers

After my original Upcycled Drawers I found I had a similar problem when I was looking for bedside tables to go with our Neptune bed. I wanted something elegant and simple with storage for bedtime reading and personal treasures but couldn’t find anything in the shops. 233 more words


DIY Cat Scratcher

Oh surprise surprise, another post about cats.  Real cats this time!

We’ve acquired A LOT of cardboard boxes since our last move.  We have boxes in the hallway closet, in the bedroom closet, in the other bedroom closet, on top of shelves, under the bed, under the couch, behind the dresser.   365 more words


| a dnr with addendum |

Dick Cheney will not die, not if he and medical science can help it. Before his heart transplant, there was so much hardware in his chest, he clanked: a pacemaker and a stent and a battery-powered implant. 372 more words