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Transformation Tuesday

I’m kind of thieving this idea from Robyn at Fitting It All In, but she got me thinking a few weeks ago when she posted about Transformation Tuesday. 436 more words


OCD Recovery - Staying Strong

I am still riding through the storm of anxiety set off by my attempt to disrupt my a OCD rituals.

Today I experienced a further challenge when I broke out in an itchy rash all over my body. 179 more words


Re-entering the blogisphere

Whoa, has it been a whirl of a crazy fortnight! And I touch down at my blog tonight to feel rather ashamed – my last post was weeks ago… It’s just been go, go, go – moving house, battling my eating disorder, making batch after batch of chicken soup, keeping a lid on my Asperger’s, preparing for college (terms starts next Monday!), and just trying to keep hold of my sanity. 120 more words


What a 4th Step Is and Ain't

Recently I’ve encountered a few people at odds with the 12 steps who see the 4th step as negative and punishing. To their minds, it’s an exercise in self-judgment that drags down people’s self esteem and flagging spirits. 1,831 more words


Ten Questions with Dr. Christine Liedtke

Tell me a little about yourself – your background and your education.

I grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I attended an all-female college preparatory high school in Rocky River, Ohio. 735 more words

Aspire Indiana

It Works if you Work It!

Alcoholism takes away your life and then kills you.

We look at a study from 8 years ago to show the extent of premature deaths caused by alcoholism and how membership of Alcoholics Anonymous helps in reducing the risk of premature death from alcoholism. 929 more words


Reasons for Insomnia

1. Anxiety: see PTSD, see possibly Bipolar, see most certainly manic.

2. Creative compulsion: see drawing, writing, painting, photography, graphics. See searching for validation. See childhood. 149 more words