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5 Lonely Recipes

I saw someone doing this on Pinterest and I thought it was a cool idea.

That’s right, I’m trolling through Pinterest and forgetting who I have to source for an idea again. 95 more words


Chocolate Cake and Cupcakes

I wanted to make a dessert for tonight’s festivities so I used my sponge cake recipe and added melted chocolate and cocoa powder into the mix. 8 more words


Best ever gluten free dark chocolate cookies

My little girl loves biscuits & cookies but I can never bring myself to buy them for her due to the high content of nasties such as vegetable oils, trans fats, additives, flavours and preservatives. 211 more words


Pickled Jalapeños with Carrot Rounds

There is nothing like a little canned heat in the middle of winter to remind you of the hot days of summer.  They are perfect on pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, omelets, and of course nachos.  390 more words


Salad in a Jar

Thanks to IG posts I am absolutely in love with this new trend – Salad in a Mason Jar! It’s a perfect way to preserve the salad and ensure that “wet ingredients” stay separated from the “dry ingredients”. 141 more words


Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread

These are YUMMMMMM!!!!!  I mean – you will be in awe that healthy could taste THIS good!! I’m telling you…this may change your life – make them and put them in a ziplock baggie and let them sit overnight – holy chocolate wonderfulness!!!   335 more words


Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples with Vanilla Thyme Butter

Thank you to Trina for entering our savory vanilla bean recipe and letting us all enjoy one of your family’s favorite recipes.  Trina wants everyone to know that she enjoys making cornbread with this recipe…she uses the left over Vanilla Thyme Butter on the cornbread. 203 more words

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