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It's Only Week One

By Jeremy Chase

Just Settle Down!

I will start this with a disclaimer: Yes, my teams did great this weekend, nice wins by the Irish and Huskers, looking dominant offensively and giving me dreams of greater glories like a playoff berth for Notre Dame and a Big 10 Title for the Huskers. 518 more words

College Football

Recap : Made in Chelsea NYC (Series 1, Episode 4)

This week the “love triangle” crawls to a conclusion, while Louise and Alik swap saliva, Mark Francis purchases leather and Rosie goes nuclear on Jules when she learns of his three open relationships. 2,150 more words


August wrap-up

I can’t believe August is over already. Where did summer go?! We are already being served heaping helpings of cooler weather around these parts, much to my dismay, so I am going to distract myself by looking back fondly upon the last month. 331 more words


TOS 01.18 "Arena"

(original airdate: January 19, 1967)

The Enterprise visits an Earth outpost in deep space, only to find that it’s been completely wiped out, and the aliens who did it are still around. 400 more words

Star Trek

The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

This country will be on the brink of another war. There is No one who knows how to defend this nation. What will you do?

2,957 more words

No ghost hunting on Monday


So yeah that’s it. Journal of the Night Watchman won’t air on Monday. No worries though because episode 9 and 10 will air on Tuesday. I hope they don’t change it at the last-minute or I will hunt them down. 7 more words