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Era, è...

Era tecnologica

di cellulari computer e
social network

Era virtuale
ad un passo dalla

telecinesi e dalla lettura del

E’ la mia anima che è 27 more words


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E cavolo se mi ci ritrovo!

Wes Annac - Video – Oversoul Teachings: You’ve Crossed The Starting Line - 29 August 2014

For those of you who might not know, Matt Muckelroy makes videos out of some of the most popular channeled messages for those who want to listen along instead of read. 14 more words


Steve Lendman - Big Lies Risk Confrontation With Russia - 29 August 2014

Claims about Russia invading Ukraine are fabricated. Big Lies  proliferate. MSM scoundrels feature them. More on this below.

On Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki lied saying “we’re seeing…a pattern of escalating aggression in Ukraine from the Russians and Russian-backed separatists.” 1,389 more words


11 Things You Learn Your First Month As A Bookseller (Reblogging from Buzzfeed)

The level of truth in this post is OFF THE CHARTS. Thought I’d share. (And no, I did not write the post , that’s why it’s called a… 33 more words


Laura Bruno - CDC And CIA: A Close And Sick Relationship - 29 August 2014


This is an important FYI for anyone still on the fence about vaccines or about the close ties between the CDC and the CIA. 203 more words


Jon Rappoport - CNN Asks Serial Lying Liar To Comment On The CDC Whistleblower Scandal! - 29 August 2014

You want a perfect example of how mainstream media covers up the truth and endangers lives? Here it is.

Yesterday, CNN published an article about CDC whistleblower William Thompson. 530 more words