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Branch plant pedagogy

The staffing process hit my department especially hard this past spring. We had seven contract teachers in the office for second semester, and four of them were declared surplus to the school in April. 573 more words

Response to Reason Foundation's P3 Toll Road Agenda

The Reason Foundation represents how a political organization may function as controlled opposition to help advance tyranny.  The Reason Foundation identifies itself as a libertarian think tank while in reality, from it’s inception, it has functioned as controlled opposition to the establishment it serves. 9 more words

The world has really been civilized by discoverers - by thinkers.

The man who invented powder, and by that means released hundreds of thousands of men from the occupations of war, did more for mankind than religion. 469 more words


Best Quote by Karen Kostyla on Faith with Image !!

“ We’re being brought together in this puzzle of life for a very specific reason we need to trust God to show us what that reason is and have faith he will in his time.  13 more words


Reason - A3D (Album)

01 #A3D Download
02 Save Me Download
03 Do It Like I Can Download
04 Tla K’o Bone Download
05 Such a Brat Download
06 Status Update… 44 more words


Maybe I'm Just Ugly...

Being single for a long period of time can be ANNOYING. This is especially true when you are “really single;” no boyfriend, no boo, no potentials, not even a texting buddy. 261 more words

Dare To Be Inspired