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Dark Energy

His very precense makes my body temperature rise. This is not what you think. There’s nothing good about him. Each word that he speaks forms a dew of perspiration on my forehead. 1,671 more words


Party Bitches

So last night i went to a house party , sounds fun, wasn’t exactly what i expected, withing 5 minutes of me getting there there were already people ‘drunk’ and by drunk i mean licked the rim of a bottle if even that, and they weren’t exactly playing the most convincing role, falling over every 5 minutes but managing to keep their drinks fall perfectly besides them not spilled, like seriously just stop, it’s not even cute, like who are you trying to impress, because number one, no once gives a fuck , number two you’re just making yourself look like a complete and utter twat. 411 more words



Ok, so i’m guessing first blog posts are difficult for everyone but seriously what the fuck, for someone who doesn’t shut their mouth i’m kinda stuck for words, sitting down looking at a screen for hours with a blank mind is  not what i would ever think would happen to me, but then i thought, a personal blog is about raw feelings and the truth so now i’m sat here typing what i feel and i hope people appreciate that, it may not be the most interesting blog post you’ve probably read but it’s my first one and i’m sure they’ll get better or i’ll be seriously pissed off at myself. 404 more words


It's Real.

IT’S GETTING REAL. Yes, school is about to start. I really wasn’t thinking about it much tell my mom interpreted me while I was rocking about to my lady, Britney Spears in the car. 386 more words


Eastern Adventures.

Howdy! As they say in the middle of Eastern Washington. I just got back yesterday evening from an eventful trip, and now I am watching Botched while my Bagel Bits are cooking. 641 more words