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What we are

We are what we dream,
in a space guarded closely
by the hours ticking slowly,
we are infinite possibilities.

Our success and our failure,
is measured by the distance from where we stand, 59 more words


Candy-floss world

I’m not playing anymore -

Not if it involves endless falseness

And saccharine sweetness;

Not if it involves swallowing

Ouroboros’ tail – an endless

Cycle of venom and pretence. 149 more words


Holding on to that dream, living in a limbo

I hate having these bouts of depression and despair.

I kept thinking the life I dream of is over. With a knee like that, without a job, with no intention of going back to corporate, I feel like my life is back in limbo again. 528 more words

The Instagram Life vs Reality.

Your toes dig into sand, the sun bathes you in its warm rays, the melody of the sea plays to the crashing of the waves and a cool breeze blows away all worries and thoughts. 956 more words



I have spent the last six years of my life dreaming of a future.

In my attempt to build the future I wanted for myself, I have damaged much of the present. 73 more words


links: this went thru my mind


ALS & Lou Gehrig: Put Down That Bucket of Ice Water. Read Lou Gehrig’s Story. Learn About the Science of ALS. Then Donate.

“If social pressure isn’t enough to convince you to donate to ALS research, the heart-wrenching story of Lou Gehrig and the science behind the illness that shares his name should be.”

255 more words


I tried to understand the nature of man.

The space between two people, one walking away from the other, how difficult is it to say the words that bore the weight of your heart? 105 more words