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The Shame of a Bodily Function

I got onto the train just in time as the doors closed behind me. I had heard stories of people getting their arms or legs stuck in-between them because they were trailing in the wake of the rest of the bodies movements, unable to become in-sync as the individual committed to their leap. 1,304 more words

Short Stories

Twenty-four Hours a Day

The door slammed behind him, creating a protective barrier that shielded all within from the living demons outside. A safe haven from any physical torments, but is unable to stop the fevering emotions that started to swell inside him. 815 more words

Short Stories

The Cancer Lens

One of the things I like about my camera, is that I don’t have to change lenses. It is a point-and-shoot, not a fancy camera. I find that I take the best photos when I am actually carrying a camera. 714 more words

Breast Cancer

Between Science and Fiction…(of switching gears)

Between science and fiction…there is a vague experience that we call “reality” or, as a physicist would put it, “model-dependent realism”. Which brings me to the “ 541 more words

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