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'Boyhood' and Life in Time

Near the end Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, the protagonist’s mother, Olivia, has a breakdown. Her son, Mason, is just about to head off to college, and she suddenly realizes that her life, long defined by the routine events of her children’s growth, will now lack any such signifiers.   1,265 more words

Off-stage Immersion: aligning player and character emotions

In my last post, I discussed the idea that in most roleplaying games, players’ time is split. Some of it is spent performing as a character, acting exactly as that character would in the fictional world, but some of it is spent on other activities. 537 more words

System Design

Courting a Mistake

She decided that we should go to Manchester city centre and eat dinner at one of its many restaurants that offered you simplistic food, served within an expensive atmosphere. 1,079 more words

Short Stories

Conversations of Adulthood

As my body is forcibly dragged through the game of life, I have noticed drastic changes within myself and others, particularly around friendships. Looking back at my childhood, they seemed to hold much more clarity and strength than they do today, even if they have carried on into the present. 651 more words

Short Stories

The Quarter Life Rise of Pessimism

Some days I wonder if I’m going through a quarter life crisis. I am 25, after all. Then again, I’m blissfully 25. I make enough money to support myself, and I have… 526 more words

Annoying People