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Boys Suck

I know I just blogged about how much I like this guy, but now the weekend is here and I have had ample time to reflect on my recent feelings. 412 more words

Daily Posts

Why I have trust issues

It’s sad when you trust someone, someone who says they aren’t like the rest. I’ll always be there… I won’t hurt you… That’s what you said. 118 more words


Fly High, 65

The cars have lined the neighborhood streets, as teenagers flood out of the vehicles in school colors and painted faces. Many of the vehicles are still painted as well. 763 more words

Real Talk

Deep calling to the Deep

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how things work. Child support is being the father for kids these days. I dont understand how a man can sit there and allow a woman to get a PIECE of what he defines to be a FATHER to substitute for his presence. 507 more words


Mankind = Kind to...Man?

Sometimes I want to scream.

At the top of my lungs in a crowded room.

At a coffee shop full of people glued to every electronic device they own, or at an event that you and your thousands of pretentious “friends”are attending via a Facebook invite.  202 more words


Claire Battershill is more talented than you and deserves her success

Do you have literary aspirations? Of course you do, you’re reading a books blog. Somewhere you have a half-penned novel or a drawer full of short stories that you’ve submitted to the New Yorker (you aim high, I like that about you) that they never actually rejected so who knows, any day now. 416 more words


A "First Look" Budget That Scares the Pants Off Us!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the first things that you need to do when trying to get your finances under control is, make a “First Look” budget. 1,268 more words