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Obviously, you know I’m referring to Kacy Catanzaro, of American Ninja Warrior.  Oh you don’t?  Let me enlighten you.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered from this video, American Ninja Warrior is a competition where athletes attempt to complete obstacle courses that, for lack of a better description, force them to be a ninja.  122 more words

Real Talk

How to Save a Life

No, this is not a post about CPR.  Or about that Fray song.  It’s about becoming an organ donor.  Which, if you live in North Carolina, is surprisingly easy to do. 435 more words

Real Talk

Real Talk: Ferguson and the feels

I know I’ve spoken about race before. As a black woman I am very much affected by racial inequality.
I am so sad today. My heart is breaking, and my hope is dwindling. 158 more words

Real Talk


Even if you love your job (like I do) and even if you consciously attempt to express and practice gratitude at every chance you get (like I do), Mondays can still be shrouded with a cloud of gloom. 275 more words

Real Talk


My sister posted this so I thought I’d share!

“A woman is not written in Braille. You don’t have to touch her to know her” 9 more words

The Gift of Words

I am not a crafty person, by any means. I couldn’t get on the Pinterest train because I knew I would never be able to recreate all those awesome projects, so it just frustrated me. 1,019 more words


This Weekend, I Kicked Adversity Square In The Face.

You know, because adversity has a face, and it’s most definitely square.

Sometimes life hands you lemons, and if you’re me, you grab a glass of wine and make some bangin’ sangria. 412 more words