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Android Apps: Sketch Guru

So, I found this super awesome Android app on #GooglePlay and like it so much I want to share it with you all. It is so easy to use and so far have the best results for editing photo or picture to sketch-like. 166 more words


Humpty Dumpty

We’ve started in our Nursery Rhyme Books!

We sang the poem, found sight words and rhyming words as we read it together.



Then we wrote the sight words from the poem, as we chanted and spelled the sight words. 42 more words


The Long and The Short of It

Originally published in Creative Wisconsin, June, 2012.

First place winner in Bo Carter Memorial Contest,  essay category, April, 2014.


Scene 1: I’m at book group, holding the book under discussion on my lap, open, fanning the pages. 796 more words

Reading & Writing

Keep smile! :)

Recently, I like to sketch anything that happening in my head. And now it is about smile. Smile keep you healthy because when you are smile that means you are in a pretty good mood called Happy. 196 more words



Who doesn’t need a time to refreshing body and mind?

Robot, I think! ;)

Why don’t you get some refreshing time and go to the mountain? 128 more words


Which are your personality type?

ENFP personality,,,It’s Me!!!

I taken the personality test in humanmetrics.com (Jung typology test) also in mypersonality.info and found that I kind of ENFP personality. What kind of personality it is? 1,763 more words


What Will It Take?

What will it take to stop the foolishness?

Young men “punching” older people, just because.

Young women having sex with anyone and everyone, just because. 316 more words

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