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Where to begin; the hardest part.

So I’m 18, I’m on a gap year and I’m a rusher.
Before you start taking guesses as to what that means, here’s a clue; is has an awful lot to do with my URL. 162 more words



There are times when you can’t see where your are going, when any sign of creativity leaves you. I have some trouble with the idea of not creating anything sometimes, but some others I just can’t get myself to pick up a pencil or a brush and actually doing something. 63 more words


Is that who I am?

 I over heard someone talking about me yesterday….. Naturally when a person hears their name they will turn an ear. So I did and I heard this, “she likes hanging out with people who are on the same level of intellect as her, if they aren’t, she turns into a loner, and keeps to herself.” 47 more words


I'm so dead.

It feels like ages since I last wrote anything. It seems I’ve been doing nothing in the last few months, yet I was too busy to write anything. 200 more words

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Don't Know How to Handle Your Child's Problem? Try "The 1-2-3-4-5 system"

The 1-2-3-4-5 system
Think about this method I came up with (it may work for you, it may not).  There are 5 different ways you can communicate with your teen (or any age group, really).  581 more words

Super Mom!

You know what our name means in Arabic? It means happiness.

We share a name, and little else. She is vibrant and beautiful and her two grown daughters shop with her.

“Are you happy?” She asks me and I have no time to think. 494 more words