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Another Writing News Flash –

I am thoroughly enjoying the homages made to great writers which are appearing on the news and in the media at the moment. Last week I published a post on how   374 more words


The Art of Fiction :: A Mega List ::

Nothing in the last two years has taught me more about storytelling, fiction, and great reading habits than the Art of Fiction series by The Paris Review… 736 more words


Under the Moons of Mars

Mars has always weighed heavy on man’s imagination. Since ancient times, the red planet has hung in the sky taunting us. Before space probes revealed it to be a dead world, it was where many authors set their adventures. 400 more words

A Martian Crisis

Two entries from Iii’s e-diary.

4462853.S.E.C.: A new epidemic has swept Tyrr. This highly contagious disease is manifested by the outpouring of an infectious music in an unknown language; it is beyond the control of the people singing it.[1] The music is a virus that is making people ill. 406 more words


Imaginative Limits

My brain is in a weird place this morning. I woke up in the middle of a vivid dream and I haven’t quite managed to get my head on straight since; also, it’s a new month. 924 more words


Announcing the 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' Read Along

This is what happens when you talk-up scary books on social media. A read along is born! Sandy and I were talking about our Summer of King reads and scary books in general and somehow this book came up. 291 more words

Bookish Talk

A Review of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451"


“I am madness maddened when it comes to books, writers, and the great granary silos where their wits are stored.” – Ray Bradbury

This quote was obviously written by the late great Mr. 488 more words