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Does anti-rape nail polish empower women? Could it really protect us?

As usual, I am a bit late to the party with this post. This is because I have been exploring my own feelings on the topic and taking into account the various views of others before jumping to a conclusion of my own. 1,750 more words

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Shutting Up: On writing, audience, and representation

Every writer has a pile of drafts that have never been published. Some of it just doesn’t deserve to see the light of day, but other drafts? 3,755 more words


Out with the Old

Yesterday I deleted my Facebook, again. Although it has become a place where I store all my pictures, personal and political rants, as well as connections to friends–both old and new–I have to stop feeding the panopticon. 499 more words

Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs: A Positive Thing?

August 31st 2014 for The 1st Class Lifestyle

I decided to briefly weigh in on the whole “nail polish that detects date rape” thing today. The story has kind of fascinated me since the idea was first made public. 341 more words


Rape Culture

I look forward to the day I won’t need apps that will help me stay safe on campus. They are great inventions, but they wouldn’t have been necessary had there been no rape culture to combat in the first place. 134 more words

With Sincere Gratitude

Thank you, creepy asshole man, for grabbing me and forcible hugging me on the street tonight.

I’m so happy that you could see past my “fuck off” exterior and understand my desire for you to give me a tight bear hug. 248 more words

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