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Feminist war against catcalling: It's really about white-collar contempt for blue-collar men

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

[A]s Kimberly Fairchild, a psychology professor at Manhattan College, told CNN in 2008, catcalling “encourages women to look at themselves as body parts instead of as full, whole, intelligent human beings” and can cause women to fear for their safety.

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I Have the Right to Walk

I walk a lot in my daily life and a very often occurrence in my walks are men catcalling me. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a “bad town” or a middle/upper class neighborhood. 599 more words

War weathered women

The majority of conflicts occurring throughout the world are civil wars. Today there are ten major conflicts, with more than 1,000 military and civilian casualties, occurring in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. 947 more words

Bet you didn't know "Beauty and the Beast" was actually about rape culture--well, it is!

Yup, rape culture is absolutely everywhere:

Although this example is fairly obvious, the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is, at its heart, a textbook story of abuse.

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Rape Culture

Women Against the Feminist Backlash (CN)

A few years ago, after a mental breakdown that had been a long time coming I made the decision that I was no longer a feminist because I felt so utterly let down and victimised by women I’d assumed were feminists (due to the nature of the work we’d done together). 1,806 more words