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My fourth chakra must be blocked or something because I can’t seem to romantically invest in someone. Some friends are concerned that my ego is too fragile to handle emotional intimacy which is why I withhold it. 148 more words

Ranty Pants

Why Sharing a Flat Comes With Unexpected Down Sides.

As I am relatively poor, my only option for living anywhere in a room in my nans house that I share with my mother is to rent a room in a flat with friends. 1,503 more words

Cosmic Jizz

The universe has decided to have a jack off marathon this year, and has chosen me, Pat, to be the receiver. I had just paid off my car loan. 276 more words

Ranty Pants

One Year Anniversary of Pat's Thoughts on the Internet

One year since Sophie Wang suggested that I blog. One year since Amerrricuhhh. One year since I seriously got into social activism in LA. One year since I started gaining mad weight because… One year since I met unnamed awesome people at work and in the social justice arena. 59 more words

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Whenever I peer out of my office window, I yearn for freedom. My physical body is ball and chained to the impalpable force of capitalism that preceded my life on this world. 112 more words

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Brain montage of lovers past

Five hours on a plane to New York… Of course my brain decides to create a lovely montage of cherished moments with my romantic partners in the past year–GoPro style. 72 more words

Ranty Pants