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I Am Not Generic

Merong isang anonymous annoyed reader na nagsabing lumaki na raw ang ulo ko because I send rude messages to my followers. I get his/her point. I know that I can be very harsh and blunt at times. 929 more words


Post-Debate Reflections

It was one of the best performances of my life, without a doubt. A lot of people had been doubting my ability to be impartial. The haters were questioning my professionalism. 296 more words


I wish

I wish I could tell you how I feel. We’ve drifted and that sucks. I wish I could tell you how much I care, and that it breaks my heart that were not the same anymore. 195 more words


The Doc Speaks: Found Footage, bane of the horror fandom!

Expect A LOT of this here

There’s one somewhat controversial topic among fans of science fiction and horror cinema and that’s the “Found Footage” genre. If there’s one way to make hardcore horror fans foaming at the mouth, it’s bringing up that film style. 982 more words



In times of dark and somber hue,
I wonder oft of passing view,
And feign a smile soon to skew,
With no one left and naught to do. 161 more words


The Loss

It’s so cold in here

The fire burns bright

the windows are shut, the drapes -drawn

You won’t speak

You won’t even look up

I’m sorry for your loss… 22 more words

New Age Writers

Just Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

Today has been strange. I sat down to write a review and–my laptop did not load Windows correctly and I wondered if I was ever going to get on. 156 more words

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