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I'm a pretty needy person.

It’s not really that, it’s just that it’s hard to change habits. I’ve been talking with my girlfriend pretty much every morning and every night the past week, ever since she’s been abroad. 235 more words


Bad Company

I hosted about 30 guests—Hubby’s relatives—at my house last weekend. That’s a huge and undesirable accomplishment for me. I don’t like to entertain. Truthfully, I wish no one would… 638 more words


I wanna go back to work!

Today should be the first day of school in these parts.

Should be.

Instead, I (and six or seven of my teacher colleagues) was on the picket line at 6:30 this morning, pacing back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the school at which I normally work. 877 more words

Making Money

Not a hero.

I’m all hype. Always have been. People get excited about me…my voice, my opinions, stuff like that. But when they see me, it’s such a disappointment to them that it automatically makes them forget everything good about me. 349 more words


Your Shriveled Balls Are Laughable

Call me a stone cold bitch, but the world isn’t a happy place where people bend over backwards to kiss your ass.  There are no true selfless people, no fully-committed do-givers, and no gentle caresses.   1,872 more words


Blogosphere~~ A Peculiar Literary Trend

After I posted my first press, I asked few of my friends to give me their opinion on my blog.

One of my friends asked me a few questions on blogging and gave his opinions on blogosphere. 646 more words

Freshly Pressed

I Had so Much Planned for Today...

I had a whole rant about how hipsters are the symbol of progress, and how liberal arts majors are actually going to bring us into the future, but now I’m stuck talking about Katniss Everdeen’s tits.   581 more words