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Chicken Elbows

For most of my adult life I have heard “You are so weird”, when it comes to what I eat and what I absolutely refuse to eat.  345 more words


Three things you didn't know about me :) (photo's included)

I am by no means distinguished or debonair, quite the contrary, I would say I am down to earth and usually reserved with moments of sheer foolish redneckery thrown in just to let the world know that yeppers I am indeed alive and probably a bit crazier than you when it comes to having what I call fun. 858 more words


A Panoramic of the 2014 UCA Panhellenic Bid Day

Yesterday evening marked the end of fall 2014 Panhellenic sorority recruitment. Since Thursday over 300 women met and learned more about the five Panhellenic sororities at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). 209 more words


Hi Hello Welcome

I’m starting this blog because I don’t like doing things alone. I was on Duolingo yesterday and decided to make a little Duolingo dicussion group. 179 more words


The Cycle

“Oga ‘My car’ commot there! No try am o.”

I smiled as the bus driver boomed at a man in suit in a neat Corolla beside us, hooting incessantly as though it would clear the road. 967 more words



I have always worked out and never taken it seriously but when I started this journey this time around I realised I was the exact same weight I was a week before I gave birth to my daughter!   106 more words


713 Never

There’s so many things that might be going to happen, but like always, planning will never catch up with changes from time by time. Humans take the change year by year, or even time by time, no matter how crazy you are when you are young, you’re bond to settle down now and future. 278 more words

Daily Ranting