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Are My Ripped Jorts Destroying My Life?

Last week, after having a few beers at a live fantasy football draft (which I dominated, by the way), I impulsively agreed to meet a random dude from OkCupid for an impromptu first date in the city before heading home. 891 more words


Ask 12Kyle

1. What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

One lesson that I’ve learned hard way is how to appreciate things that happen to you. 771 more words


There’s an indoor water park north of Seoul having an identity crisis.  I didn’t tell them what Florida is really like



Top 10 prison hustles 5-1…

Number 5 drawing… Artist always do well in prison. Plus there is minimal risk for this hustle. People always want something drawn for their girl or their mom or their kids… there is always money to be made with art on the inside. 386 more words


2.02 am, 10 Mei 2011 dan belum terpejam

Orolan labil pengantar tidur antara Ayu dan Biyoga:

Ayu : insomnia lg kak?

Yoga : weits
sehat yu?

Ayu : Alhamdulillah Kak
kak yoga ndiri gmn? 1,344 more words

New phone

So I got my new phone. It’s the same model as my last one but now the screen is functional, which is nice. I’m still getting it all set up and collecting all my apps… 93 more words

caught in-between

caught in-between
two paths –
once intertwined
now extricated;

both looking
for the same light,
both searching
throughout the night.

by day, they say
they’re never the same… 48 more words