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Weak Pictures

Details blur in motion
colors spot by water

was there ever clarity
or did it always

come in a flash

did I look away
before my mind’s… 48 more words

Poem A Day

Diminuendo and Crescendo

I find myself shrinking

Curling into myself

Arms so tightly wound they could wrap around me


I know I am growing

Day by day, year by year… 253 more words

Attitude Adjustment

Haiku- Wildlife, 3; Humans, 0

Our humble garden-

Fencing breached by wild piggies.

Salad dreams trampled.


Friday night, noises outside interrupted my blog reading. I’m pretty sure my heart missed several beats as I sat paralyzed with fear. 314 more words


I Accidentally Lied...

Sorry, I said I’d be back after camping but I never came back.  I’ve been off the cyber planet all this time, and focusing on other writing, but I plan to be back next week.  36 more words


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Cold Moon

crying woman

sings the blues
in low alto
as the city
twinkles below.

stretch wide halo
forever chilled
in majestic solitude.

sit alone… 35 more words

Poem A Day


now comes the part where i start the path to leave.

concrete stairs flooded with familiar tears.

sweeping distractions grounded in pride.

the last bad day





Random Writing

I'm A Little Annoyed, Upset, and Angry and That's A Lot.

Sometimes there is too much going on with my brain. I can’t shut it off. I have been in this mess for 34 years and I still cannot figure out exactly what to do. 606 more words

Random Writing