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Sceptical, cynical but hopeful

A while back I tweeted DefianceGame to check if TrionWolds and Syfy had broken up ’cause there hadn’t really been any ingame interaction between the two (unless you count the codes). 877 more words


20 Random Facts About Me

So I’ve been tagged by my friends via instagram & even though I think this is so facebook.com but here it goes:

1. My name is Hayaa not Haya.. 332 more words

Swatch Of Style

Story of my Life

These girls are adorable and I feel like I can relate so much. They seem to recap my life so perfect. 





#66 Almost Holidays

Soooo. It’s been almost a week since official holidays started, but I’m still asking, WHEN ARE MY HOLIDAYS COMING?

The schedule for the week after exams (on Wed) has been: 360 more words

Random Rants

The Unintentional Photo Bomber

Shooting events, for me, is all about capturing the candid moments. Posed shots are boring. In that, you have to be somewhat invisible. In the case of this image, I’m standing in an open area, I’ve got an HUGE lens with an on-camera flash, and a Gary Fong lightsphere. 53 more words

I Don't Know

Random Rants: Oh Life Is Good

As I’ve previously posted, the site would be under “blognovation“. To tell you honestly, I haven’t started anything yet in terms of this so-called “ 875 more words

I Value Black Life

“Saying ‘I love me’ NEVER automatically means ‘Therefore I hate YOU.'”

Dr. Derrick-Lewis Noble

The racial tension in America has reached a new high. The killing of Michael Brown (an unarmed black youth) in Ferguson, Missouri by a white police officer sparked a media frenzy and further highlighted a condition that many would like to ignore. 1,159 more words

African American