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Finally...a diagnosis and a sentence.

Today I went to my first physical therapy appointment. It’s really been a long time coming. After months of complaining to my doctor, actually switching doctors, and many xrays and MRIs – without any true diagnosis to go along with my pain, I walked into the therapists office… 306 more words


In Which I Re-Discover Veronica Mars and Revisit Teen Crushes

A very good friend of mine randomly mentioned that she was re-watching Veronica Mars in preparation for watching the crowd-funded wonder/full-length feature ‘Veronica Mars’, and I was like “WHAAAAAAT YOU LIKE VERONICA MARS?????” 700 more words

Random Ramblings

Just Call Me Bee

Hello, dear readers.

I am sorry for my absence of late.  I just landed a new job.  For the last few years, my jobs have been desk jobs.  152 more words

Random Ramblings


I hope you’ll excuse my rudeness when I say…

Maui, bitches.

See you in ten days.

Random Ramblings

Sundays Are My Favorite Days.

I love Sundays. I say that all the time. There’s just something about Sunday’s that makes them so peaceful. Except today. Today, when I woke up I was kind of in a Sunday funk. 371 more words


Trivial Answers for Trivia's Sake

So it would seem that the trivia questions I added at the bottom of my last post Gathering the Geo-people has a few of you scratchin your heads….and I didn’t even provide the answers. 257 more words


"Imperfection is beauty....."

remind yourself that it’s ok not to be perfect

My flaws,
My imperfections..
Things I wish I could change,
They’re all a part of God’s master plan.

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