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Texas, Ted Cruz May Run For President In '16'

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz who’s been very out spoken lately, sounds increasingly like he’s made up his mind to run for president in 2016, speaking at a gathering of conservative activists Saturday that ‘we are part of a grassroots fire that is sweeping this county.’ 20 more words


Rick Santorum and the Democratic Party - Strange Bedfellows



What do establishment Democrats and neocon Republicans have in common?  They are both powerful, incompetent, and think they speak for America!  As Rand Paul has wisely advocated a very consistent defense based foreign policy, the establishments of the left and right are blasting Paul for “blaming America”.  471 more words


Who is Rand Paul?......

Who is Rand Paul?

Townhall.com ^ | September 2, 2014 | Ralph BenkoPosted on 9/2/2014, 11:29:50 AM by KaslinFor starters, Rand is short for Randal, not an allusion to… 1,026 more words

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Poll: Two-thirds of Kentucky voters nix dual campaigns for Rand Paul

Nearly two-thirds of Kentucky voters aren’t wowed by the idea of letting Rand Paul run for president and Senate re-election simultaneously in 2016, a new Bluegrass Poll says. 167 more words


The 6 Principles of the New Populism (and the Establishment’s Nightmare) | Our Future

More Americans than ever believe the economy is rigged in favor of Wall Street and big business and their enablers in Washington. We’re five years into a so-called recovery that’s been a bonanza for the rich but a bust for the middle class. 195 more words

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The Folly of Libertarianism, pt. VIII: The Non-Aggression Principle Justifies A Lot of Aggression

Note: This is Part Eight, Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven may be found here.

A cornerstone of the Libertarian ideology is the so-called “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP). 1,168 more words

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Kelly McParland: Facing twin crises, the West looks for leadership and comes up empty

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was in Dallas on the weekend, looking for money and support so he can run for president in 2016. Mr. Paul preaches a particularly fervent line of libertarianism that would see the U.S. 798 more words

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