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The compulsive need to stay connected .. :)

Pic credits: http://www.etechmarketer.com/blog/in-b2b-fear-and-loathing-of-social-media/

I want to write a book I feel confident to publish, to clean up the mess in my room, to learn to make yummy food, bake good cakes, travel to many places, observe, and enjoy the tiny things in life.  1,275 more words


Bullying - Understanding a Killer

Bullying – Understanding a Killer.

If we think about it as a whole, society itself is a bully. Ask about why the bullies bully, the most probable answer is because ‘he/she is not normal/same as us’. 199 more words



How did it even get to this?

Ten months ago I could do everything myself – dress, shower, wash, get or make food, work, walk… Somehow, thanks to some twisted version of a whole host of events I can do none of these things alone. 760 more words


Goodbye August

Oh August, where did you go? I’m not saying I miss you or anything, but you just came and went so quickly.

I thought it would be fun to capture a variety of my iPhone photos from the past month as a visual synopsis of a month-in-my-life. 142 more words


Labor Day

In honor of “labor” day….

How long were your labors?
Kid #1: 16 hours
Kid #2: 5 hours
Kid #3: 9 hours

How did you know you were in labor? 194 more words


Fall Into Love Blog Hop

Blog Hops are such fun!

That’s why I’ll be joining in The Romance Reviews Fall Into Love Party and blog hop this month. You can log in, play games, and get in on lots of great prizes. 10 more words