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The Boy on the Clouds

Sometimes I like to stand on clouds
Its kind of my thing

The feeling of space on my fingertips
The gentle clouds hugging at my feet… 137 more words


a bittersweet farewell

Wow – where do I start? Countless things (emotional, physical, mental, tangible) have been thrown across my path recently. Okay, breathe. I am one third way there with regards to unloading my emotional baggage. 143 more words


Feeling a little blue today. I’m always busy doing things that I’m not really sure it’s something I want to do or just doing it out of obligation. 52 more words


A Birthday Rant

A birthday memo: from me to the world

So I am 30 years old today. And I just got off work and am tired and pooped and want to just pass out. 883 more words


Is it okay to be alone?

Lately I’ve been sort of disillusioned with the idea of falling in love. I used to want it–a smart, kind and gentle boyfriend turned husband, turned father of our gaggle of babies.  228 more words

Ruby Slippers.

I’ve been stumped about what to write today.

An update of my life, which is pretty plain, drab… boring even?

As an introvert, a social one at that, most times I am okay to stay home, most times I itch to go out and be a part of society… … 239 more words



we are the wave leakers
together, the truth seekers
together in waves of fright
waking in the morning
as anything
but ordinary
creatures not seeing from the cans screaming… 90 more words