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Limitations vs Expectations

Some days you experience nothing, while some days you feel the entire weight of Niagara falls on your shoulders.

Au Revoir


1 month ≠ 5 years

It’s been five years and i’ve seen so much, learnt so much and loved too much. I remember the phase we all had to go through as ‘小妹妹’ fans (lol, i don’t know who came up with that terminology), remember staying up late to watch teasers, MV release, etc. 289 more words


Thin lines

I am beginning to wonder if I am walking on dangerous grounds. Even though I like to just basque in my own wonderment, I tend to go over board.

Vio Gera betar naest

The end to a beginning

You start off feeling a certain way. You realize that everything you believed in was practically a lie. Then all of a sudden you decide to change it all. 188 more words


notes from afar


caught between the cracks left behind by the luminous acts of your words
they left behind, on tender lips, lines.. once illuminated by a fragile light silence rung… 155 more words


heard and not seen
the way i see you
the way you see me
in shapes on lighted camera screens
in waves of music scapes and scenes… 11 more words


suggestion suggestions are everywhere
when you see that, you are and are not there..
partially fading
into what is meant for us to not see. 95 more words