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Aditya Hrdayam: Shine Your Light

This morning before class, the sky was like a gray soup; the air unusually chilly. Hours later, the sun shines, melting the early autumn coolness. Once again, it is summer. 258 more words

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Sita Sings the Blues

(PLEASE NOTE: This article is a review of the film, it’s not meant to be an accurate portrayal of Hindu tales and beliefs. The movie does take a some-what comedic twist to the Ramayana, if you think this will offend you, then you’ll want to skip it.) 1,185 more words


ராவணனிடம், ஸ்ரீராமர் விரும்பி கேட்ட உபதேசங்கள்! - அரியதொரு வரலாற்றுத் தகவல்

ராவணனிடம், ஸ்ரீராமர் விரும்பி கேட்ட உபதேசங்கள் – அரியதொரு வர லாற்றுத் தகவல்

சீதையை கடத்திய இராவணனின் படைகளை, அவனது மகன், மற்றும் சகோதரர்களையும் தோற்கடித்து, ராவணனையும் கொன்று, சீதையை மீட்டார்.


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Hanuman, Jambavan and potential :)

Most Indians would be familiar with Hanuman, the monkey God as he is called. He had an important role to play in Ramayana in finding Seeta and during the war, reviving Lakshman by bringing the entire Sanjivani hill. 364 more words

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Book Review - Rise of The Sun Prince

Title- The Rise of Sun Prince

Author- Publisher- Jaico Books

Genre- Mythology & Spiritual


 About Book

The Book is a retelling of an Indian Epic Ramayana which is the first part in the series of six books that takes us through the divine story of Lord Rama from his birth up-to his marriage… 479 more words

Book Review

Sita Sings the Blues

Aditi Kapil isn’t the only contemporary female artist to re-imagine the Hindu epics and cosmology. One hallmark film of the past several years is Nina Paley’s SITA SINGS THE BLUES, which interprets the famous love story Ramayana (featured in the play… 62 more words

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Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts

Russia was known as Rishi Varsha an it surrounded the Bharata Varsha as described in the Puranas.

There have migrations from India, from the Sarasvati Valley Civilization,from the Dravida Kingdoms, and from the North again. 573 more words