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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

I never thought I’d type these words but I miss our nosy neighbours Susan and Dick. Every time I pass their apartment, I have a little pang of sadness that I won’t be able to feast on their moans and groans any more. 958 more words


Life With A Loaner

I have been driving a loaner car from Younker Nissan for a week now – they think my transmission should be here this coming Wednesday.    Before, they said a week – as long as I have a car to drive, it’s fine.   804 more words

This is why I'm The Nut, Part I

I don’t have the attention span for real writing today. But that’s okay. The hot trend on all the popular websites right now seems to be lists anyway, so let’s try one of those. 1,577 more words

Maximum Randomosity

Perfect Poison

I’ve recently joined a group of thinkers and writers who are all recovering from contact with people on the crazy-making end of the narcissism spectrum.  I have referenced (sometimes obliquely, and sometimes directly) that my father was my initial contact with narcissistic behavior patterns, and that since cutting off contact with him seventeen years ago, I’ve had the occasion to run into a few others who exhibit similarly disordered patterns of thinking, behaving, and interpreting the world.   887 more words

Life Lessons


I think one of the weirdest quirks I have is taking joy out of very ordinary and unusual things. For example, one of my favorite things to so in a house I am unfamiliar with, is try to figure out what each of the light switches in the house does. 256 more words

The New Identities

I spend a lot of time on foot these days, so I am afforded more opportunities to observe people and I have developed some new names for certain types of people. 460 more words


A Couple of Professional Milestones

Way back when, May 1999, I was at a crossroads in my new teaching career.

Just less than a year earlier, in August 1998, I had quit my dead-end corporate job and, living off of student loans, I began my full-time teacher certification program. 333 more words