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Quickies: Full album streams from In Flames and The Haunted, Z2 Details, and more

Long weekend over… so let us commence one of the longest short weeks of the year. At least Solstafir’s Otta came out today. That’s a thing I’m sure I won’t hate. 232 more words


A Wide Space of Nothing

Today, I’m not even sure what I did! It seems that, when I work days, I get very little done!

I did level up all my Bravely Default character’s jobs to level 7. 33 more words



Today I came home from work early cos I wasn’t well. I slept away a bunch of the day, and also played some low pressure Bravely Default while catching up on podcasts. 62 more words


Are Quickies Good For Your Relationship?

Once in a lifetime we have all had some sort of quickie. Just to be on the adventurous side, you and your partner would just steal a moment away from the world to be intimate. 292 more words


E is for Endless

Today, I played a bunch of unplayed Steam games. I’m still in the E’s, and I think probably it’ll take my another day or two to get through them if I power on! 33 more words



Die Türe verschlossen, die Glocke ausgeschaltet, trotzdem, nachts, geweckt von Stimmen und Schritten, von Rufen, das gleichzeitig kein Rufen ist sondern ein Flüstern. Im Kopf ist plötzlich eine rote Stelle, und wach. 280 more words



Today I had a second date with eHarmony scouse engineer! It went really well! We went to the zoo and had a fun time, and we talked loads. 16 more words