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Not Enough Variation

Nothing much to share for today.  My morning habits and cleaning my room aside, most of what I did was sit in front of my PC or eat.   132 more words

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Now Playing: Album: Futures Artist: Jimmy Eat World


My music selection this time is very relevant, as I am seeing Jimmy Eat World live in  486 more words

Here we go again ...

I don’t like to title anything like since it has a negative cognotation but … A lot has happened between now and when I last posted. 339 more words


Surely An Experience

Word for the wise: a tablespoon of brown sugar does not neutralize the spiciness of a tablespoon of black pepper.

Well, with that lesson in culinary adventurism leaned, I can’t really say that there’s much to share about my day, aside from the fact that, in order to hide my cooking experimentation, I pretty much overloaded myself again with food. 98 more words

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T'was Wet Throughout

Despite my phone alarm’s best effort, I wasn’t able to rouse myself from bed at eight. No, I only shuffled off the mattress close to eleven, which meant by the time I went downstairs to freshen up, I didn’t have breakfast at all, and instead shared in lunch with my father.   146 more words

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You have know entered the “dark side of my bizarre mind” and I hope you call enjoy it for it will be a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. 12 more words

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Finally Went And Got That Appointment

As promised, I went out and tried to find an EENT to consult with my sinus issue.  I first went to MOA and the clinic there, but apparently they weren’t sure if the doctor was going to come in (as it was a holiday), so I immediately went and hit the MRT, where I rode to Trinoma, specifically the Medical City that my sister visited and thus suggested.   434 more words

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