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Since when did cheese become a paleo option? via /r/Paleo

I fell off the paleo wagon about a year ago. I’ve been gearing up to go back to it and am noticing in a good majority of the blogs and sources and even here in this subreddit mention use of cheese and fruit as an everyday acceptable source of food. 53 more words


A Debate, Literature, and Religion

I’d like to incite a bit of a discussion today, but first, I want to tell you about my week and why it matters. 

I am taking two classes this semester in literature, both taught by the same professor, that I can’t help but rave about. 423 more words


I could sit here
And complain about
The many things
In my assumption
Need some kind of
For better or for worse
Based on my knowledge… 70 more words


Can you "dredge" chicken? via /r/Paleo

Hi, I’m brand new to Paleo. I plan on easing into it the next few days and going fully caveman on Monday.

I was looking up ways to cook a bunch of chicken so I can later add it to salads for lunch. 49 more words


Workout Day 5

Had a CRAZY cardio session today but I had lots of fun and I didnt give up!!!
Burnt twice of what I usually do in just 30 min!!! 77 more words