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Is that your question?

Bachelor? Yup, that’s a question. And it’s the question asked on the Yahoo! front page:

I don’t know what’s so hard about this: If the words inside quotation marks form a question, the question mark goes before the closing quotation mark. 6 more words


I' m scared, Grandma hold me.

My brother told me I screamed too much, while playing P.T. At one point I had to go to my twitter feed, to look at the link I re-posted. 385 more words

Question Mark.

Hypnos and I

I’m  sad because I missed an important phone call: I was sleep. I sleep in the day. Well, yeah.  My blog. I can purge if I want to. 72 more words

Question Mark.

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT. Wait, I'm confused.


I was going to talk about sleep. However, fuck it, all I need is two REM cycles a day. I’m running until I pass out JUST LIKE YOU. 246 more words

Question Mark.

More about, Love Kills

Love Kills is in progress. Now I have been editing and while repeatedly kicking a hole in my drywall. My story has changed for the better. 108 more words

Question Mark.