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Biscuits nuevos y únicos en McDonald’s

Guatemala, 27 de agosto de 2014.– McDonald’s realizó el día de hoy la presentación de sus nuevos y recién horneados Biscuits para el desayuno.

Los nuevos Biscuits se caracterizan porque su pan tiene una textura crocante por fuera y de suave consistencia por dentro. 330 more words


A girl needs friends

Finding a new job and a new place to live and stressing about financial obligations are all part of the moving process. No one is ever thrilled to deal with these issues, which is why moving can be such a hassle. 544 more words

Midwesterner Meets The South

Indulge. (Better Known as Queso.)

As I have made progress in my running journey, I find other parts of my life changing as well. One of them being the food I eat. 361 more words


Cheeseless Queso

I had never heard of Queso before moving to the South. The first time my college roommate suggested getting it I truly thought she was trying to practice her Spanish while suggesting buying a block of cheese. 251 more words


hecho en Austin

As we covered last week, part of why I love Austin is because, well, Texas. And speaking of covered, let’s talk about cheese, or rather, queso. 150 more words

Why We Love Austin

Taco Bus


“Where should I go for lunch?” is a question I often pose, with optimal results most of the time. Since I’m new in town, I’ve been asking my fellow graduate students about where to go. 203 more words

Restaurant Review

Glutton for punishment.

Sometimes I feel the need, the need to clog my arteries just a bit more. A glutinous urge to devour a meal that most wouldn’t dare eat due to calories and fat alone. 41 more words