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Singapore Times

As regular readers of this blog already know, the Institute for Retail Studies at the University of Stirling has had programmes and partners in Singapore for a long time, targeted both at Singaporean students and retailers and those in the wider region. 578 more words


The day I became a ski instructor

It has been a beautiful, sunny, exhausting, social, exciting, nerve-wracking, fantastic, physical, meaningful, fun and jam-packed week full of learning experiences. As I walk towards the final meeting in a hotel in Queenstown, I think about just turning around. 573 more words

South Island

The Bottomless Glass of Qualifications for Korean University Students

All my friends, peers, acquaintances, and next door neighbour’s niece (the list goes on) seem to be preparing for some kind of certificate or qualification. In the cafe where I am right now, I see people pouring over their thick textbooks on CPA, TOEIC or OPic, their coffees sitting unsipped and abandoned on the table. 530 more words


Seven reasons why every industry should recruit teachers

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. You can follow Ryan here.

Not only do great teachers perform a difficult and exhausting job—they could probably outperform many of your salespeople, project managers, and executives. 748 more words

Choosing a Career: Don’t think forever, think tomorrow

There is a real pressure on students to know what they want to do as a career. This is a pressure that is being put on students at a younger and younger age with choices at A-level and degree level affecting future careers more than ever. 463 more words

Student Life

Planning for university

Fifth & Sixth Year pupils aiming for a university course should sign up for an Open Day of their choice.

UCAS applications began today in the Library with Andrew House. 86 more words

6th Year

"Is my course a qualification?"

One of the biggest issues I have come across in distance learning, is people’s understanding of what are, and what are not, qualifications.

To begin with, I would like to explain my terminology. 1,435 more words