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Giant Steps

Earlier in the beginning of this year, something happened to my acupuncture practice that I wasn’t quite ready for… it started to get busy. Now last year, since my practice was still in its infancy, I had virtually no patients, and I was bored as hell (more like depressed as fuck). 800 more words


Recovering from Parkinson's Disease: What I Avoid, What I Recommend and a Few Last Words

I hope by now after reading this series of blogs I’ve posted on ‘My Recovery from Parkinson’s,’ you realize that it’s possible to recover from this supposedly incurable disease. 814 more words


Designing a yoga class for 'Knowledge of the truth'

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Svatmarama tells us that in order to succeed in yoga we need: Openness, Determination, Courage, Enthusiasm, Knowledge of the Truth and Solitude. 545 more words


A New(ish) Journey

Finally, after more than a month of “thinking about it” (but mostly because I’ve been lazy as hell), I’ve pushed myself to write a journal of my Taoist practice. 334 more words



Qì 氣 pneuma (breath, energy, vital force)

Well, we all know the fact that qi is not a breath, qi does not equal energy, qi is not vital force (how it can be defined in the modern biology?) but if we do some easy math and put all above terms together (breath+energy+vital force=pneuma) we shall get “qi,” and the first entry in the Encyclopedia of Taoism opening letter Q is qigong. 385 more words


30 minutos al día...

… es suficiente para darle mantenimiento a nuestra mente y cuerpo. Y también es de los pretextos más comunes para no entrenar “sólo tengo media hora al día o menos”. 113 more words


Wang Liping: Opening the Dragon Gate

I began to train in Longmen Pai in 2012 when I immigrated to the US. It was a long plain ride and I had the book “Opening the Dragon Gate” with me. 191 more words

Longmen Pai