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And The New "Bachelor" Is...

Farmer Chris!  Wanna’ sign up to be a Bachelorette now?  Most ladies do.  I’d like to know how that casting call for the show went at Crocker Park. 31 more words


Would You Be Mad If Your Man Did This In Front Of You?

Bryan Cranston played a dentist on “Seinfeld”, who dated Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).  They poked fun at the fact that it was a long time ago on the Emmys.  58 more words


"EW!" With Taylor Swift

“EW!”  probably my favorite thing Jimmy Fallon does, because I talk like that all the time just to see the reaction on people’s faces. 29 more words


23 Jobs In Danger Because Of Technology

D.J. isn’t on the list…YAY!!

If you have one of these 23 jobs, it might be time to make a career change, the robots are coming to replace you! 83 more words


Channing Tatum Dropping His Pants. You're Welcome.

Have ya’ seen that show called “Running Wild” with celebs joining this crazy guy out in the middle of no where?  Pretty cool.

See like Channing liked it. 32 more words


People Are Getting Roofied At Put-In-Bay

Awful.  Who does this?  Just a little warning if you’re headed to the party island soon.  It’s a good time, but just make sure ya’ keep an eye on the drinks.  34 more words


Orlando Bloom Throws Punch At Justin Bieber - VIDEO

Orlando Bloom was mad at Bieber in da’ cluuuuub, cuz Bieber put his arm around Orlando’s girl.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t see the punch.  31 more words