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You Kiss My Lips Like You Mean It

It’s official!!!
He’s mine, all mine!!


*clears throat*
Excuse me.
I finally sucked up all the embarrassment and asked the Janitor if I could be all his and vis versa. 73 more words

Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Intentional Living

On Finding Princess Zelda

I’ve mentioned my dog–Princess Zelda–in my blog a few times. And today, when we were spending some cuddle time together, I thought back to the time when we found her; it’s a great story that I really wanted to share with you all…because Zelda is pretty much the most amazing dog ever!! 1,390 more words

Puppy Adoption

In Lesotho people simply do not keep dogs as pets. Dogs are beaten and stoned in my village. Owners do not feed their dogs, rather dogs are left to fend for themselves. 240 more words

Mid Twenties

Keeping Focus

It is Sunday morning and once again I am staring at a blank page with the “what to write” grimace that my dog has become so accustomed to. 495 more words

Quality Of Life

Puppy love

This post is not about puppies. I am sorry if that is disappointing. 204 more words


And now for something slightly different - Scandy

I’m a huge Andy LaPlegua fan, and Combichrist are for sure up there in my favorite bands list. But what about one of his other (many) projects, … 172 more words